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Thread: West Pointís class of 1915

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    West Pointís class of 1915

    Fully 61 of the 164 men in West Pointís class of 1915 attained the rank of general, for a total of two generals of the army (five stars), two generals (four stars), seven lieutenant generals (three stars), and fifty lowly major generals (two stars) and brigadier generals (one star). This earned them the collective nickname ďthe class that stars fell on.Ē Interestingly enough, the first man in the class to become a general was Luis Raul Esteves who was promoted to brigadier general in the Puerto Rican National Guard in 1939, some time before his subsequently more famous classmates Dwight D. Eisenhower and Omar Bradley.

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    Knowing the Americans this would have had something to do with WW1

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    You maybe nearer the answer than you think Stalin.


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