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Thread: RAF Aircraft

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    RAF Aircraft

    If you want to see Aeroplanes of the second war then try and pay a visit to RAF Coningsby Lincolnshire Museum.

    They have lots of aircraft in working order. Spitfires, Hurricanes, Bombers etc.

    The guided tour is first class. I have been there twice now. Once on company business and once as a visitor. Both times were very enjoyable.

    RAF Coningsby has its own web site. There you can get all the info you need to travel etc.

    Coningsby is a Operational airfield, so you may get a look at the modern day aircraft ( probably Tornadoes) landing and taking off.

    Not far from Coningsby is RAF Cranwell. And near there is another museum well worth a visit as well.

    PS> The countryside in and around both Units is very picturesque

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    Looks great and I would like to go. Cosford RAF Museum in Shropshire is a bit nearer for me though so I will likely go there first. And then , even nearer, there's Southport Air Show in September....

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    Will be taking a weeks break from work sometime in August, hopefully i will be able to put this on my "To Visit" list...

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    Cosford is close to me ( 20 miles or so ) It is well worth a visit Im told.

    My son was training there when he was in the "University Flying Wing"
    He was learning to fly Bulldogs. But he broke his leg playing soccer and the RAF chucked him out. So I havent been back since.

    I do intend to go and visit again though. This time I will take my camera and see what shots I can get.

    BTW if you do visit Coningsby .. in the hanger where all the WW2 aircraft are kept , you will see a working Dakota... I flew on one of these when I was in the army in the Far East... but thats another thread to tell later perhaps


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